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photo of Hank's of OKC mac n cheese to go

From humble beginnings…

From humble beginnings to a new home on N. 63rd, Hank’s is serving up love to the 405 one turkey leg at a time. Whether it’s full-flavor chicken wings, fall-off-the-bone stuffed turkey legs, or any of their signature smoked meats, Hank’s one-of-a-kind New Orleans and Memphis-style menu brings people and flavor together for an experience that’s meant to be shared.

Centrally located just 15 minutes from almost anywhere in Oklahoma City, Hank’s brick-and-mortar restaurant at 1228 N. 63rd is making a statement in an area ready for something deliciously different.

With a bigger kitchen and more room, Hank’s will be serving up an expanded menu with fresh new items like fried catfish and loaded fries, plus desserts, more drinks, and anything else the Hank’s crew can dream up that you won’t find anywhere else in Oklahoma City, (including a next-level brunch with dirty catfish!). And, now that we’ll be dishing out our delicacies from one location, you don’t have to worry about showing up late and we don’t have to worry about selling out.

What won’t change with the new digs is Hank’s world-class customer service—that’s one thing Hank will never tinker with. We know we wouldn’t be here without our customers, and we know that a good product is nothing if it isn’t served with a smile and lots of love. You’ll still see Hank plenty, and he’ll probably even still hand you your food. That’s how important you are to us.

The other thing that won’t change? The atmosphere. At Hank’s, our passion is people, and our dream is to do more than create loyal customers–we want to create a community where folks are welcome to come and stay, instead of eating and leaving, a place to gather and be together, to engage and interact instead of sitting alone.

It doesn’t matter if you come to Hank’s for a special occasion or just for supper–we’re happy to serve you and we’re sure glad you’re here. Hope you’re hungry.

Hank’s now offers catering!

Big game or big family get-together, it’s all better with Hank’s famous stuffed turkey legs and smoked meats. Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no idea, Hank’s has got you with crowd-pleasing mains and sides that are sure to get your people talking (and full).

Call today for Hank’s catering menu and prices.

Hank’s Sauce

On a lambchop or on its own, Hank’s Sauce is a standalone sought-after customer favorite. Created by Chris Sr. on a whim, Hank’s Sauce is now a staple sold not just right here in OKC, but bottled and shipped all over the country.

Brooklyn’s Lemonade

Small but mighty, Brooklyn is the youngest of the Hank’s crew and has definitely inherited the entrepreneurial spirit, creating her own signature line of lemonades. Available in six flavors like The Hulk and Blue Raspberry—with more to come—Brooklyn’s Lemonade is available individually or by the gallon.

The Food Truck

Hank’s may be putting down stakes, but we’re not losing touch with our roots. You’ll still be able to find Hank’s signature food truck on the regular as a drive-thru option at the restaurant, and out and about throughout the Oklahoma City metro area for special events, including our annual Hank’s Giving.

Want to know where Hank’s Food Truck will be next:

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